About us

360 Show Design – Creating Immersive Experiences

‘360 Show Design’ is a company that is specialised in the creation of immersive experiences. Creating and designing is in our DNA. We excel at concept development for stages and shows, whether it is for a festival stage, TV-show, club design, theatre or concert tour. Our strength lies in the creative process: from dream to design and from concept to execution. All aspects matter equally and we guide our clients along the way.


We dare to state that we are terribly good at concepting, set-dressing & (interior) design of stages and platforms for shows, concerts & festivals. We know we thrive when getting our hands on stands and decoration for events, exhibitions, venues & (brand) activation. And we feel just as much at home when creating sets for television studios, theater halls & clubs. We know what we’re good at!

Show design

Custom show (content) creation, created from scratch for every new and unique assignment we get to create, is part of our core business. Splendid audio and video content, impressive visuals, light and laser shows, as well as mind-blowing special effects, shape the ultimate solution for any event, show, or brand to expo their unicity in their own, spectacular manner.

Show direction & art direction

On-site show direction and management, taking care of art designs, and maintaining cohesion and unity during performance, is another one of our talents. We take care of it all, including show calling and staging of custom show design.

Who we are

Bart Straver

Globetrotter, bon-vivant, master of show.


Pieter Truijen

Dedicated, passionate, master of design.